Thursday, November 13, 2014

Back to the Beginning...

Furry Dance Kely Bray was born on August 3, 2000 at Furry Dance Cattery. She had two brothers, Rainer and Baker, and a sister, Chloe. Her siblings all went off to new homes, but Kely stayed behind to be a MomCat...

She had three litters, one of them a very special she is the mother to Coco, the Couture Cat!

Then a young couple met Kely and asked if she could come and live with them and another one of my Furry Dance extended I said yes, thinking it would be lovely if they could be loved and doted on together...

But, after a few years...both kitties came back to live with me due to family problems which included a new baby and an overwhelmed new mom and allergic in-laws. I welcomed them back with open arms and got a little teary-eyed when I saw them again.

I told Kely, that at 13 years of age, she didn't have to worry about me ever letting her go again, that she could spend the rest of her Golden Years being doted upon by me!

When I started my new job at Just Cats Clinic in April 2014, of course, Kely went in for her senior exam and lab work and X-rays  and it was discovered that she had arthritis in her hips and lower back, so she began some laser therapy treatments, which she responded favorably to.

The other thing she responded favorably to was being the center of attention at the clinic and soon became a favorite of both staff and clients, alike. I began dressing her up in some of the outfits that Coco had outgrown and she surprised me (and everyone) at being comfortable and happy to play dress up, too...just like her daughter, Coco!

And at home, Kely goes au naturale, but with the simple elegant style of a grande dame, don't you think?

We welcome you to come along on this journey with Kely in her Golden Years...we think you will enjoy spending time with such a lovely Lady Cat!