Friday, March 27, 2015

Fashion Friday, Kely and Cici Style

Kely, posing for photos  with Cici, Coco's Cuddle Clone...

Clients at Just Cats Clinic call Cici the Bunny Cat!

And what's even more fun, Cici can actually wear some of Coco's dresses!

And of course, Kely and Coco share clothes all the time...

I should do a 'Who Wore It Better' Contest, HaHaMeow!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Mewsings... from an old Showgirl!

A couple of weekends ago, Kely went to her first cat show in about 14 years! I thought she looked fantabulous in Coco's Pink Confection pageant gown!

Just like when she's at work with me, as long as she has a blankie and her Snuggle Safe, she's contented!

They were putting on Veteran's competition at this cat show and Kely competed with a 17 year old Black and White Persian and a 7 year old American Shorthair.

She tried to climb up onto the judges shoulders, hahameow!

So whether Kely is at a cat show or a cat clinic...She sure has style!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Mewsings, Kely Works Hard and Plays Hard!

Everyone knows that Kely gets to go to work with me almost every day. And that she and Coco often share outfits (and fuzzy cat beds, too).

Kely gets her weekly weigh-in (5# 4 oz) and laser therapy for her lower back and hip arthritis...

And now that Spring is here and the weather soon will be lovely every day, instead of in between snow storms, Kely has had the chance to be outside after working all day and soaking up a few rays of sunshine beside Lake Anne...

Here's a few pix from last years summertime fun!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Fashion Friday

I have to apologize for the long overdue blog post today! It's not that nothing has been going on in the  life of Kely, but the opposite...too much going on in the life of Teri!

Kely is still waiting for Spring to arrive, and hasn't ventured out with me as much lately. She still goes to work with me every day, missing a few days here and there because of snow days and treacherous driving conditions and I would't want to go into a ditch with Kely in the car!

Kely is getting her once a week Laser Therapy sessions and Adequan twice a month, and both have really helped her be more comfortable with the arthritis she has in her hips and lower spine.

Yes, she is still a creaky old lady cat, but she jumps up on the bed, counters and the water fountain at work much more easily now...

In a couple of weeks, Kely is going to go to the Crab & Mallet Cat Show and compete in the Veteran's Rings, for cats over 8 years old. She will be 15 years old this year, so we think she will garner many smiles from the judges and may even come home with a ribbon or two! 

Coco will be there too, in her Pink Catillac, pawtographing copies of the book featuring her, The Adventures of Coco le Chat, The World's Most Fashionable Feline. Kely and Coco share clothes sometimes and seeing Kely dressed up makes me smile, along with clients at Just Cats Clinic