Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday Mewsings...

I have had more than one friend email me, asking how Kely is doing and worrying because I hadn't posted an update on her... She had her cardiologist visit, dressed up in her daughter's Ice Cream ensemble, much to the smiles of all the staff at CVCA!

Her heart is really very good for a 15 year old kitty, with no concerns as far as anesthesia or using steroids as part of her future treatment for her tummy issues...

She is eating some freeze-dried raw (Stella and Chewy's) and some FreshPet Vital Grain Free (though not veggie free--darn--but she loves it) and some other varied grain & veggie free canned food and hasn't vomited in over 2 weeks. She started on Metronidazole about 10 days ago (25mg twice a day) and has put on 3 ounces since her Internal Medicine vet visit.

So, we are going to try the metronidazole and diet change for about 6 weeks and see how she is doing and wait to add the prednisolone and Leukeran for now. The diet change and anti-inflammatory effects of the metronidazole may be enough to get her to gain weight and stop vomiting and we can save the other drugs if and when they are needed.

In the midst of all those other doctors visits, I let her laser therapy sessions for her spine and hip arthritis lapse, but started up again last week. Of course, she has to be fashionably dressed for that, too!

And yesterday, she got to share some sun puddle time with her daughter, Coco the Couture the buff, of course!

Maybe one day, they can strut the Cat Walk together, but for now, this is about as close and cozy as Kely wants to be to Coco...

But she did get in some 'lap time' with Bronze Bob at Lake Anne this week... and we learned today that the real Bob Simon, the founder of Reston, passed away peacefully at home today. He was 101 years old and I have fond memories of meeting him last year when I gave him a tour of the newly opened Just Cats Clinic where I work. Here's a link to a nice article about him in Reston Now

The weather is telling us Fall is on the way and makes for meandering around Lake Anne very nice, including stopping by PetMac to say hello and do some window shopping!

So there's the update for Kely! Be sure to follow her on Instagram, too and catch all her new photos!