Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Mewsings, Kely Works Hard and Plays Hard!

Everyone knows that Kely gets to go to work with me almost every day. And that she and Coco often share outfits (and fuzzy cat beds, too).

Kely gets her weekly weigh-in (5# 4 oz) and laser therapy for her lower back and hip arthritis...

And now that Spring is here and the weather soon will be lovely every day, instead of in between snow storms, Kely has had the chance to be outside after working all day and soaking up a few rays of sunshine beside Lake Anne...

Here's a few pix from last years summertime fun!


  1. Kely is such a lovely, petite lady! There was a boy Cornish Rex at this past weekend's cat show in Portland who was amazing! He was a large guy, had white fur and was so graceful and elegant - he was the #1 cat in Premiership at the show! (I was 10th, which was pretty great too!)

  2. Kely is one happy lady cat! Was she much bigger than that when she was younger?