Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday Mewsings

You might ask what Kely has been up to the last three weeks... and maybe even worried that since she is a grannie cat, that she maybe even crossed the bridge!

I apologize if I worried you! If you follow me on Facebook though, you would see the Week Day Kely photos of Kely at work with me and well, know that everything is fine!

Kely has been rather busy, having her Wellness Exam and Lab Work...all which were good for an almost 15 year old kitty! The Sub Q fluids she gets 3 x a week have kept her kidneys working well and the readings were just the same as a year ago!

I started her fluids early, before her kidney tests showed much change, and I hope that helps her stay with me a good long time, as it's a joy to see her enjoy her Golden Years! Just for you who like to know #'s, her BUN is 37 and her Creatinine 2.5. Of course, her urine SpG is very dilute at 1.020 but she hasn't had problems with UTI's, so all's good there, too.

And as the weather is trying to be Spring-like, with some days in the 70's and others in the 50's, Kely makes the most of the sun puddles at work, and here she is in the kitty playroom at Just Cats Clinic. We have also had a couple of days where we could sit out by Lake Anne, just like last year and of course, Kely enjoyed that!

And there's a new pet supply store right by the lake and Kely stops in to say hi and browse and try out some of the merchandise!

I'm sure Kely would like everyone to know that Life is Good AND that she has a new Instagram page and we'd love for you to follow her there 

at kely_with_one_l (that's an L, not a 1)

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that Keli is doing well! I will have to follower her on Instagram. I'm @summerstravels.