Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Mewsings

Kely taking in some sun and sniffin' the breeze!

Harumph! Three Mondays have passed since Kely last shared her mewsings! So, let's cat-ch up!!

There's been lots of napping, that's a given...

Catching some rays and 40 winks at Just Cats Clinic
And a little work..making sure the Weruva shipment is all accounted for at Just Cats Clinic...

Kely says 'One of these cases of Weruva has my name on it!'
And of course, afternoon strolls out along the boardwalk at Lake Anne...

The lovely Kely, enjoying the view at Lake Anne

Those afternoon contemplative sessions by the lake are maybe my favorite time of day... It gives me such joy to see Kely happy and contented, without a care in the world!

But as carefree as Kely is, I'm a little worried about her chronic vomiting, once a day every few days, usually in the morning after we arrive at work and usually not food, but clear liquid. 

So after blood tests to rule out IBD or chronic pancreatitis and X-rays to look for a foreign body or mass...

Kely, having some one-on-one time with Teri
She has an appointment on Thursday 8/20 with the Internal Medicine experts at The Hope Center, where I used to work. The appointment will take about 2 hours and they will give us a treatment plan based on what they find...and we will go from there.

I'll be sure to update all Kely's fans after the visit to see Dr Gisselman! And maybe we'll both stop for a bite to eat after her appointment...cuz she has to fast for it and I'll probably be too nervous to eat before the visit!

Kely dining out at The Blue Iguana


  1. Do let us know what's up with Kely! I'm sending purrs her way.

  2. I hope she's okay! Mimi sends purrs, remembering her worrisome issue in April that she's recovered from. We hope Kely recovers quickly as well.