Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tongue Out Tuesday 'n More!

Kely the Cornish Rex sticking tongue out

Pink Tongue, Pink Dress, Pink Blankie...Kely looks Pretty in Pink, doesn't she?!

I apologize for the lapse in posting updates...so behind that I have friends contacting me to ask if Kely is ok! When one has a Grannie Cat, sometimes the silence can mean said kitty has crossed the bridge...

Kely the Cornish Rex at work

I am happy to report that Kely is doing very well and since starting the meds for her presumptive IBD, she has had no vomiting since we began the prednisolone, and she has gained another 4 ounces! She now weighs 5# 12 oz! 

We stopped her laser therapy for her hip and spine arthritis on the chance that she might have intestinal cancer...and laser therapy is not recommended if a pet has cancer. But one of the veterinarians where I work is working on becoming certified in Acupuncture and so Kely begun getting treatments as of last week. She will get one treatment a week for 4 weeks and we will see how she is doing then... 

Fall is now upon us, and there will be fewer days where Kely will be able to stroll around outside, so we have been making the most of the nicer days, even if it's just for a brief sniff o' the Autumn air!

Kely the Cornish Rex in a red wagon

Kely the Cornish Rex posing by Pumpkins

Kely the Cornish Rex sniffing the Autumn Air

She even dressed up in Coco's new Halloween costume...well, it's couture, not costume!

Kely the Cornish Rex in a Spidery Halloween Dress

so fun when mother and daughter can share outfits! Here's Coco in Kely's new costume!

Coco the Couture Cat in Pink Halloween Dress

Both kitties are more sweet than scary...and neither one has to worry about wearing some silly costume like Disco did last year, hahameow!

Disco NoFurNo, Woopie Cushion Sphynx

Not all cats let their humans dress them up...but I think that Cornish Rex and Sphynx are so people oriented that they just consider it more attention and more smooches...both which they demand!

Kely the Cornish Rex and friends

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  1. Not a lot of Somali cats like playing dress up - I'm the exception!