Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday Mewsings...

Well, Kely's had a busy week, helping keep the front office running as she likes it... heated bed plugged in, Bonita flakes whenever she meows for them and a warm lap or shoulder to lay on numerous times a day!

Working at Just Cats Clinic keeps her busy, as you can see! She makes a good paperweight, too!

She says she adds to the kitty decorations with just the right touch of pizazz! Kely has quite a following on Just Cats Clinic's Facebook page and has visitors who fawn over her daily!

Usually once a day, she takes a stroll through the clinic, stopping to let the pawparrazi shoot a photo or two.

Here she is, sitting on a tub of bird seed, reminding me that I need to fill the bird feeders outside to keep her entertained, as well as keeping the boarders at the clinic entertained by watching Kitty TV, too!

She often insists, just like your kitties at home, on sitting on very important paperwork, ensuring that your attention is on her, not something else!

It also was nice enough one day last week, for Kely to have her first sun bath out by Lake Anne!

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  1. Kely really has a great time taking over the clinic, doesn't she? ;-)