Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wordless Wednesday #BlogPaws Style

Kely's been lovin' summer and the pretty flowers around Lake Anne Plaza sure make for some pretty picture taking! Just can't have her nibbling on them like she did last year, which gave me a scare...Now I keep a 'tight leash' on her when posing by posies!

As a Granny Cat, she does spend much of her day at work with me, napping in her heated bed behind the reception desk, periodically getting up to pee or have a sip at the fountain and perching on Genevieve's shoulders (Cornish Rex think of humans as Warm-Blooded furniture, hahameow!)

Kely just had her 6 month Senior Exam and lab work and she is very stable with her kidney values, which is great for an almost 16 year old kitty! Her IBD/lymphoma symptoms are gone, except for the fact I can't get her to put on weight even though she's got a good appetite.

No, this isn't her food, it's just a nice perch!

It's been almost a year since her Internal Medicine specialist visit, so we are going to try and reduce the meds she's on (prednisolone and metronidazole) from 3 x a week to twice a week and see how she does. If she remains stable, then we will keep her on twice a week meds long term. 

She still gets Adequan twice a month for her arthritis, and B12 once a month for the IBD, and periodically she gets some acupuncture for both health issues. And I'm loving the shampoo I started using on her a while back, Keto-Hex. She is a pretty yeasty girl, and he skin and fur have improved with bathing so she doesn't need weekly baths lately, twice a month is enough to keep her skin nice and smelling sweet. Though one of her favorite admirers loves her 'French Fry' scent, lol!

Hope your Wednesday has you purring and if you feel like hopping, then jump in and join the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop, just like us! The theme is Horses Rock, and while we don't have horses, I did find one for Kely to sit on...Really!


  1. So glad to hear Kely is stable. She's such a beautiful senior girl.

  2. I'm glad Kely is doing so well! She's such a treasure.