Friday, May 5, 2017

Fashion Friday, Spring has Sprung!

Well, it's time to put away the winter wardrobe and think Spring! And the lovely Lake Anne Plaza is the perfect place to show off a pretty flowery dress!

And to sniff the breeze, too!

But Kely's been busy working, too, keeping all the Just Cats Clinic staff at her beck & call!

Kely's health is staying pretty stable, too. She gets an exam and lab work every six months since she's a Senior Catizen, and I'm happy to report that she has remained pretty stable for the last year. 

Her BUN has gone from 39 a year ago to 46 now, her Creatinine is staying at 2.0 and her urine SpG around 1.015, so you can tell she is geriatric and in Stage 2 Kidney disease. But she isn't anemic nor having to go on phosphorous binders or potassium supplements. She does get 50cc of Lactated Ringers subQ every other day and of course, is on her IBD meds every other day, too. 

Her appetite is good and she's increased her weight just a tad in the past few months and while she's a way from her top weight of 5.68#, at 5.18#, I am pretty pleased and as you can see in one of the photos above, she often eats breakfast in bed! What a luxury! She pretty much gets what she asks for!

But maybe the biggest news to announce is that Kely is going to attend her very first BlogPaws Pet Blogger and Social Media Conference in a couple of weeks! Yes, while this will be my 8th conference, Coco's 7th conference and the boys 3rd conference, since this time it's within driving distance, it's do-able!

They all have quite a social media following and fans have been clambering to hug Disco NoFurNo again and to stroke Brighton's velvety fur, Kely will be alongside them all, telling people all about the Human-Cat Bond and how what I do with my cats enhances my relationship with them...

We will be part of the #BlogPaws Cat Lounge this year, and so taking all four cats along will also give them some nap time and R & R, because I will let them all share in the PR duties! We will be talking about our favorite strollers, toys, grooming items, clicker training and of course, pet fashion! 

We are very excited to be showcasing many designers creations, but in the Cat Lounge we are going to focus on one very special company, Mister Migs, not only because of their cute styles but also because of their mission, too! 

We'll talk more about that in our next post, but here is Kely's Mister Migs dress, the Rag Muffin Chia harness dress. All the kitties will have coordinating ensembles that will just knock your socks off! 

And Mister Migs is donating a gift bag full of some cat-sized bow-tie collars and some human-sized Logo T's that will be given away at the end of the conference, just like all the fabulous items in the Cat Lounge!

Here's a link to info all about the BlogPaws Cat Lounge 

If you visit that link, you will also find info on how to register for the conference! We'd love to see you there!


  1. Kely is beautiful, I am glad he health is stable.

  2. How awesome that Kely is coming, along with Disco, Brighton and of course, her fabulous daughter Coco! My human and I wish we could be there, but it's just too much traveling to get all the way to Myrtle Beach from where we live.