Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday Foto Fest

It's too cold now to go and sit by the lake, and both Kely & I long for warm weather to roll around again!

And since her blog wasn't up and running this summer, we thought you'd enjoy seeing some of her lounging around Lake Anne Plaza when the days were warm and sunny!


  1. It has been cold here (for southern California), so my human hasn't been taking me out as much as, really, she should. I'm looking forward to things warming up here so I can get back to my outings!

  2. Kely, my human hasn't taken me outside either since it's cold and wet and awful, and even though I'll do just about anything to get out and check my pee-mail in the yard yesterday I just turned around and came back in. I'm not sure if pretty flowered dresses would help.