Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Mewsings

Can you tell which one is Kely and which one is Coco?

I tried to get them to pose for a mother-daughter photo but neither one was having any part of that...
so I dressed them up in the same dress and took photos of them separately...

Here's another collage of the two of them in another frock...still kind of hard to tell them apart, isn't it!


  1. Wow, like mother like daughter! My mom is a blue Somali and I'm a ruddy, so it is easy to tell us apart!

  2. I always look for the shape of the eyes and ears and then for other things if those aren't enough. Kely's ears appear a little pointier and Coco's eyes are rounder. Kely also looks a little smaller. If I can tell the difference among, at the moment, seven black cats, this shouldn't be too hard!