Friday, July 3, 2015

Fashionably Late Fashion Friday!

Did you think Kely crossed The Bridge? Six weeks is a long time to hear nary a word from us... except if you follow Kely on my Facebook page and then get to see Week Day Kely photos of what she does with her days...

In fact, I started her blog as a place to post those photos that make everyone smile and heck, I've been terrible at that, too! Same goes for her Instagram page! And I take lots of pix of Kely, really I do!

So, since I'm off to see a dance show at Wolf Trap with a friend (who happens to have 2 of my extended family of kitties)...I will make this Fashion Friday post mostly photos of Kely in her summery frocks enjoying the sunshine, as all kitties do this time of year!

Teri & Kely

And I'll try to stop Monkeying Around, and get back to blogging three times a week, promise!

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