Wednesday, January 13, 2016

#BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop ~~ Winter Shape Up

Kely the Cornish Rex in silhouette

Cats sleep an average of 15 hours a day, and Kely is no exception! 

Kely the Cornish Rex napping in a fleece bed

And the long, cold, dark winter days don't find many chances for finding sun puddles to stretch out  do yoga in. So shaping up in Winter can be difficult (just ask me!)

Kely the Cornish Rex cat stretched out in the sun

Fortunately for Kely, packing on the ounces has never been a problem. In fact, because of her IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and the possibility of her having Intestinal Lymphoma, keeping the weight on her has been my goal since her diagnosis last August.

So gets to eat almost whatever she wants and has quite a buffet of foods offered to her, but along with everyone else of the feline persuasion in my house, no one is eating dry kibble any longer and I think everyone is healthier eating a species-appropriate diet here!

Kely the Cornish Rex cat at the vets

Along with the other kitties, Kely eats Weruva (mostly the chicken varieties), Stella & Chewy's ,(Freeze Dried Raw) Primal Nuggets (also a freeze dried raw) and most recently, Darwin's Raw Food. 

She also gets some Fancy Feast Classic canned (no wheat gluten or plant material) and some FreshPet Meals (some veggies--but they don't make a feline formula without them or I'd feed it!), but I would like to wean her off both of those if she likes and does well on the Darwin's. 

But mostly, I just want her to continue to keep her weight steady (or put on some more ounces). Since seeing the Internal Medicine specialist last August and starting on metronidazole and prednislone, she has not had any vomiting at all and has put on about 5 ounces.

We've reduced her meds to every other day and she is doing great on that schedule, so that's probably where I will keep her until she goes in for a follow up next month. So instead of exercising and cutting the calories, Kely's 'Winter Shape Up' has been pretty, well, relaxing, hahameow!

If you want to see how other Pet Bloggers have been shaping up, join in the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop, why don't ya!

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  1. Kely is looking great! My cats love Weruva too. A good diet is incredibly helpful with keeping healthy.

  2. I'm glad Kely has been doing so well!