Monday, January 4, 2016

Monday Mewsings ... Kely misses Sammy, too ...

Kely and Sammy, two senior Cornish Rex, snuggling in bed

Kely lost her companion ManCat, Sammy on December 21st and we are all coming to terms with his passing, but I feel that Kely misses him most of all.

Kely and Sammy, two senior Cornish Rex, laying in the sun

They were both senior citizens, Kely being just a few months older than Sammy, and while they didn't start out as friends, after a while I think they both depended on each other for affection and snuggling, even if a few whaps came between them from time-to-time ...

Kely and Sammy, two senior Cornish Rex, find a sun puddle

Kely gets to go to work with me almost every day, and I know that is good for her ... she has quite a fan club and get lots of attention and also gets to nap in her heated bed and have tasty snacks hand fed to her ...

Kely and Nolo, two Cornish Rex, sharing a meal

And back at home, I'm trying to gradually introduce her to Nolo, the foster kitty, as I think they both would benefit from becoming friends. But Kely isn't too smitten and this meal they are sharing ended with some cross words being said between the two of them. 

But she was the same way with Sammy in the beginning, so I am hopeful a friendship will bloom here ... Stay tuned for updates!

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  1. I do hope Kely becomes pals with Nolo - it's nice to have friends.