Wednesday, February 24, 2016

BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop

Kely the Cornish Rex in her heated cat bed

Cats sleep an average of 15 hours a day, and Kely is no different! In fact, when she goes to work with me (almost every day) she's happy and cozy in her heated bed under a coverlet of fluffy fleece! 

She'll nap the day away, just getting up to drink from her fountain and use the potty, with an occasional visit with a client or a lap around the clinic! 

At home, she loves to sit in the Sunny Seat and watch the birds and squirrels in the back yard.

Kely the Cornish Rex in her Sunny Seat window perch

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  1. I sleep hard - but I play hard too!

  2. It's awesome that you can take Kely to work with you! My cat also sleeps a lot like all cats, but since he's alone during the day, when we get home he just wants to play.

  3. How cute! Love her window seat :)

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie