Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday Mewsings on #InternationalCatDay

It's International Cat Day today and Kely has enough savor faire to be an Internationally Famous Cat, don't you think?!

And she shops in the most upscale of boutiques..

And she has a chauffeur to take her places to see and be seen!

Kely frequents literary haunts, and rubs noses with the literati...

What better example of a cat with an International flair than Kely?! If you'd like to read about more Internationally famous cats and cat facts, just follow this links to some furry fun stories!


  1. You have TONS of flair, Kely! We love you follow your outings on facebook.

  2. Happy International Cat Day, Kely!

  3. You have a very regal life, Kely! Happy cat day!