Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday Mewsings, Sunny Selfie

Kely the Cornish Rex, Selfie in the Sun

Spring was in the air today and it was quite windy when Kely and I sat out by Lake Anne, only the second time this spring and ooh, was it nice! I'll have to remember to start putting on sunblock in the morning as our lakeside lounging after work will be happening more and more! This photo was one day last week...

Kely the Cornish Rex on the Boardwalk at Lake Anne

Kely helped supervise this weekend when I got up into my attic and got down my mom's Wedgwood china, which a friend is going to help me sell on eBay and Etsy. Finally, making some headway on purging and downsizing...

Kely the Cornish Rex and Wedgwood china

And here is Kely at work, enjoying a drink at her water fountain, wearing a cute retro print dress with a Parisian flair!

Kely the Cornish Rex in Parisian print dress

As you can see, Kely leads a full and active life for a Grannie Cat!


  1. I wish my human would take me out more!

  2. Looks like great fun! Mimi can't get outside often enough either. And that Wedgwood china is amazing--I may have seen one plate in my entire life. Hope it goes for a good price.